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Italian Excellence - Aestheitc design combined with innovative technology results in unique products, which both look great and are highly functional.

Renowned Design - Smeg have an incredible reputation for the design of their products, with many of their 50's style products being instantly recognisable as a Smeg product.

Chosen by Professional Chefs - Combining design with outstanding cooking performance AEG is the pefect solution for creative chefs.

Great Performance - Smeg have utilised only the best materials to ensure long life and great performance.

Know-how, creativity and style - A few of the qualities that have evolved from Smeg's italian identity and characterises the company's commitment to bringing everyday objects to life.


Discover a love of detail and a passion for tradition

Exclusive aesthetics, superb quality and unmistakable design are the ingredients that make any Smeg appliance unique. The Victoria range is simply no exception.

Inspired by Smeg’s very first ‘Elizabeth’ cooker produced in 1948, the Victoria range perfectly captures the essence of timeless classic design and exclusive aesthetics, thanks to Smeg’s signature 1950’s style branding, solid controls and premium build quality.

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Essential and symmetrical aesthetics that optimise space 

The Linea range contains a vast number of products developed by Smeg's internal design studio and is characterised by its ergonomic and balanced approach to appliances. The electric, compact, microwave and steam ovens, hobs, coffee machines, sinks and hoods all stand out for their minimalist style and space-optimised design. Particular highlights are the handles, the transparent control knobs or the touch controls and the remarkable use of glass. The latter, when combined with stainless steel, makes for a stunning interpretation of the latest trends in design. 

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Compact volumes and clean shapes equals tasteful and essential design. 

Classic is the name given to the first aesthetic line that Smeg has developed in conjunction with the architect Guido Canali. The range is distinctive for the way it uses stainless steel with the utmost stylistic rigour. Right from the beginning of the project it became clear that Smeg's ability to get the best out of materials would shine through. Classic (which encompasses ovens, hobs, coffee machines, refrigerators and hoods) highlights the unique control knobs and the handles of the ovens, whose clean, refined and modern shapes combine to create elements of industrial design. 

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Vibrant colours and retro design equals stylish appliances 

Smeg's 50s retro range features unmistakably vintage designs whose classic, curvaceous lines and vibrant colours combine perfectly with cutting-edge technology. It's safe to say that this product line, developed by Smeg's internal design studio, has definitively changed our way of thinking when it comes to appliances. Bland, mass-produced free-standing items have been given the elbow in favour of real icons of style. Like other famous designs, the original and best FAB28 coloured refrigerator is more than just a mere fridge. It dominates its surroundings, just like the sofa or lamp in your living room. Smeg has also developed a range of other appliances with exactly the same vintage theme: refrigerators in various sizes and with various capacities, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. Always evocative and eclectic, they are the standard bearers of the "Made in Italy" design quality that is famous all over the globe for its blend of art and functionality. 

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A passion for cooking demands an outstanding cooker. Blending practicality with style, Smeg cookers are genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal energy consumption.
From 60cm models for those with limited space, through to 150cm models with a large double oven, Smeg cookers are available in stainless steel, black or cream finishes and hob top options. 

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