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The collection of Neff built-in appliances has been designed to give you perfect symmetry in your home. Matching control panels and horizontal lines allow you to mix and match specific products vertically and horizontally. Every detail has been considered from the control panels, dials and knobs to the handles and door design.

Neff prides itself on being Europe’s No.1 washing machine manufacturer. Neff freestanding appliances also all contain technologies that not only improve our daily life, but our future as well. Neff is constantly guided by this principle, from environmentally friendly production methods to researching new, energy-efficient technologies.

Neff Slide and Hide Oven Door

Neff's Slide&Hide® door is simply brilliant. As clever as it looks, this fantastic feature is perfect for hands-on cooks as it provides an easy and flexible approach to using your oven. Safe and, let’s face it, great fun to use, choosing a Slide&Hide® oven with revolution handle will literally revolutionise your cooking experience.

Aside from a stunning design feature, the Slide&Hide® door has very practical safety applications. By removing the hot oven door from your kitchen space, you eliminate the chance of burning your hands or arms by accidental contact. Also, with better access to the oven cavity it’s easier to lift out heavy or large items, avoiding the dangers of drops or spills.

Neff Flex Induction

Induction is already recognised as being one of the safest and most efficient cooking methods available, but it just got even better with Neff FlexInduction.

Basically these hobs can behave in the same way as a traditional induction hob with four or five separate cooking zones but FlexInduction gives you the ability to use multiple zones together to create larger cooking zones, accommodating pans of all shapes and sizes.

Alternatively you can use two merged zones to create a large zone for three pans and the hob distributes the power accordingly.


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